Saturday, October 18, 2008


Through this work I wanted to highlight the problem of cultural segregation in Auckland.

Each region is elevated according to the size of its population. Each colour of Fibre Optic string represents a different predominant cultural group, arranged according to the percentage of population in each region, based on official statistics.

As a multi cultural person who has experienced this segregation, I think it is vital for the development of Auckland as an influential, united city that strong links between the diffrent groups of people are developed. Starting from the way we plan our city to the way we interact with people of other cultures. I believe a move into this way of thinking needs to be done now, before Auckland becomes a divided heterogeneous metropolis.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Work in progress...

I have finished the was a week worth of hard work and a lot of cuts on my hands, but the end result looks good! Had a few problems with the glue staining the perspex, which is impossible to avoid with clear perspex, so have had to sand paper the base sheet which actually made the model stand out more as it is translucent.
The location of the sculpture in the exhibition space has been changed to the middle of the lright wall as you enter, which is a much more exposed space, therefore will hopefully atract more attention from the visitors.